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Baynhams PeRSO 3.0

Emergency services are the first line of defense against the coronavirus. To guarantee success when it comes to long-term patient care, a more effective and reliable solution to traditional face masks is needed. New face masks should have a better fit so they can ensure adequate protection against COVID-19.

Emergency services have responded very positive to the concept of a portable filtered respirator. While wearing the mask, users can easily communicate via a face shield. These shields have additional properties that protect both healthcare workers and patients. This means the quality of patient care will significantly improve. Comparable respirators have been used in South-Korea and Singapore and infection rates of healthcare workers are significantly lower compared to countries such as Italy and Spain, where multi-layered face masks are still being used.

Based on the first designs by Southampton University, Baynhams is pleased to launch the PeRSO 2.0.

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