• Used at multiple hospitals
  • Used at multiple hospitals
  • Up to 8 hours of non-stop use
  • 7 day delivery time

Questions and answers about the PeRSO 3.0


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Stef de Graaf
Saled Health

PeRSO 3.0


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Emergency services are the first line of defense against the corona virus. To guarantee success when it comes to long-term patient care, a more effective and reliable solution to traditional face masks is needed. New face masks should have a better fit so they can ensure adequate protection against COVID-19.

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  • Used at multiple hospitals

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Waarom de PeRSO 3.0

  • Betrouwbaardere oplossing voor traditionele gezichtsmasker-PBM’s
  • Berbetering van de patiëntenzorg
  • Bewezen het infectiepercentage van gezondheidswerkers drastisch te verminderen

Te gebruiken met:

De Air-Wave.org ProtectorTM  is met een koppelstuk te gebruiken met de PeRSO 3.0. Het masker van Air-Wave.org kun je los bestellen via onderstaande knop.

PeRSO 3.0 standaard geleverd met:

Vragen en antwoorden over de PeRSO 3.0


Benefits of the PeRSO 3.0:

  • Reliable replacement of traditional face masks
  • Improvement of patient care
  • Up to 8 hours of non-stop use

To be used with:

The Air-Wave.org ProtectorTM  can be used with the PeRSO 3.0. by using a coupling piece.  You can order the Air-Wave mask by visiting Air-wave.org, using the button below.

The PeRSO 3.0 comes with: